So who all are MANGOES? Actually we all are and by mangoes i simply don’t mean AAM ADAMI , like mangoes are so rich in colours of yellow , orange , green and they have a beautiful essence and fragrance that we simply cant resist. to eat them all. That is the similar kind of aura will all poses in some or the other way, if not , then we all must work on it to see the best in us.

And in this mango theme i have tried my efforts in portraying that similar juice of fashion and friendship.  I mean we all know how important these things are for us, when we staying out alone in big cities ,for our survival.

Styling inspiration– The kind of styling that shows amalgamation of Indian aesthetics like turbans and tribal face arts and trying to put it all together with basic casual outfits that include t-shirt for men and denim shirt for women with the Indian style saree drape attached to bottoms adding a little extra drama to the entire look.

Where you can try this style look –  Well i would say people who are really fashion lovers and love trying things that challenge them are going to love trying such very common things already lying in their wardrobe just with a little bit of spice in them. Great to enjoy your fashion week visits and other interesting events in metro cities.

Thanks to my lovely pals who helped me make this shoot really possible

Photography by- Aakriti Malhotra

Male Models-  Abhishek Dawar

                            Mohit Soni

Assisted by – Netra Gupta.



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