Now, where do I begin with colours. The angle of contrast they throw even on simple pants can make you feel confident in your very own invented look. So, here we have blocks of hot pink, yellow and orange coloured Crop Top with high waist Stripped Palazzo Pants. Yeah the look in shoot is quite intense as well as playful, because that is what colours make you feel.

When and where can you wear such looks ?

Well ,

  • Best for formals  ( If you have an interesting work station to deal with)
  • Casual day out  , Because some girls say ” you see i like to look bright , lively and stand out when out with friends, but don’t really  know what goes with this colour. ” Well try this then ladies!
  • Have a date to go with?  Ahaan, finding the right outfit becomes a challenge and then a thought of last minute shopping. Phew!  Dont worry, give this look a hit ladies. trust me colours make you feel happy inside and bottoms specifically palazzo pants with vertical stripes make you look taller like your dreams.

And Remember-   To always carry a nice (Atleast matching something in your outfit) Hand Bag with nice low heels.

Where to shop?

Now that is  the work of right vision and observation. Open up your closet ladies, you will definitely find something similar to this look. Follow and rock your day.

                                                                                                                DEAL WITH IT


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