CHITRAKALA – “Face is a Canvas”

There is so much in my head that i do not really know how to express it, or whom should i tell , who can give me an advise without a judgement? Being a girl i know how it feels and how tough it sometimes become. So one day i decided to sit down in front of the mirror and decided  to bring all those thoughts into my next styling shoot. The idea of making my face a canvas was for the purpose of putting all those crazy thoughts in my mind on the front screen of face wall.


This particular shoot tells a story of every women with so many thoughts and dreams in her mind. a blank bold face with a machine running inside and the way she chooses the energies she wants to absorb and reflect to the universe. Every picture says something in itself. Explore this style idea and yourself with me.


The depth of contemplation that a woman keeps holding in her mind

Reconnecting and receiving the high low jumps in her own world of expectations, fear and power

Challenging the world and managing to just focus on channelling all the vibes of universe towards hope, freedom and her abilities the achieve great things


Believing in smiling with a kiss at the face of fate and deciding things for herself




Sanskari Jokers

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