About Me





When I was just a teenager or rather entered college I never realised what was going in my mind when I was just trying my own styles and looks. Trends were coming and going , people were following what they saw on T.V or just following any bollywood actress that was bringing a new wave of trendy clothes and other stuff into fashion. But watching everybody doing the same, I never found myself fit enough to be interested in following the crowd walk. Rather I every time chose to open up my closet, sit in front of colourful pilled up  things that I  had and I used to come up with such experiments nobody ever thought of. And by no surprise, those styles used to get compliments for their freshness. You know why?  Because I was confident enough and I knew what I am doing. And making people look best out of their just better look became my motive. and that is what I will be trying to do for all those ladies and gentlemen who just need a simple yet right push in fashion direction.

So handsome boys and pretty girls, its time to take a pitch, move yourself a step above and challenge yourself against all the fashion queries that made you fear at some point.

Interesting highlights of Sanskari Jokers blog will not let you confine only to what is in fashion. I mean com’on you already know the trends. But here, together we explore your closet, your dad’s closet, mom’s closet and everything possible in your reach.

Get ready, gear up, follow the secret style hacks , fashion formations along with crazy make ups and you will get to know, how beautiful life becomes when colours and confidence comes to your life through fashion. Lets get together and love our original bold self.